Environmental Policy

Kingscroft Logistics Ltd has been established for over 10 years and currently designs and supplies various items of packaging to many sectors with a full understanding of the processing and packaging challenges that face many.

Our product range on this site tries to include the full range of products available from Kingscroft Logistics but as this range widens based on customer and consumer requests it is not possible to show all product variations.

Enviromental Issues

Environmental issues are a high priority to Kingscroft Logistics and taking the time to speak with our staff will allow you to grasp the many different product variations available to pack your products and also to encompass any environmental concerns. Kingscroft Logistics will work with you to minimise the packaging used while ensuring that your products reach the end consumer in A1 condition.

Any dealings with ourselves will follow the below policies :

1. All products are designed and manufactured fully embracing the methodology and ideology of Ecodesign (Ecodesign is the way of thinking about design which takes in to account the environmental impact of the product or packaging across its full life cycle.)

2. All of Kingscroft’s policies make a positive contribution to the sustainability of the environment.

3. We encourage industry to minimise the use of packaging by the use of innovative design and use of products where possible.

4. We advise customers in this highly competitive marketplace on the use of effective packaging to ensure higher returns for the customer whether from reduced damage rate or lower cost while maintaining high standards of products.

5. Kingscroft Logistics Ltd confirms that we are currently compliant with all the relevant UK Legislation involving supply of packaging and the environmental aspects of the packaging that we supply.

6. Kingscroft take all steps possible to keep up to date with legislation pertaining to packaging and the environmental impact of packaging.

7. Where you have specific concerns about environmental issues please email kevin ‘at’ kingscroftlogistics.co.uk for further information regarding the products, excluding any information which may affect the intellectual property of our customers.

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